Sheraton’s Warmth and Comfort

Shown below are the services we offer to ensure a safe, secure stay for our guests

Guests with Small Children

We offer a variety of services that ensure a pleasant, safe stay for families with small children.

Fun Facilities for Kids

Treasures! Island

Treasures! Island is a kids' land featuring Penton.
We offer an array of fun, safe facilities that children aged 4 to 12 can enjoy.

Treasures Rooms

The Treasures Rooms feature not only fun décor and a view of the world,
but also all kinds of functions best suited for family guests with small children,
such as lighting with dimmers and a bathroom with a washing space.

Namco Land

Namco Land is a fun-filled place that offers a variety of arcade games with prizes, including character goods,
and a space for relaxation where families can take a break from the games.

Video Game Table

Near the check-in counter on the second floor of the main building,
there are aquariums and a 24-hour game corner where guests can enjoy playing video games at any time of the day or night.
This area intrigues and fascinates children while parents check into the hotel.

Guest Room Amenities

A wealth of amenities is provided to make your stay with small children a most pleasant and memorable experience.

  • Crib

  • Bed-wetting pads

  • Toilette seat for kids

  • Step

  • Bed guard rail

Kids' Corner in the Club Lounge

A kids' corner is provided in the Club Lounge, which is available for guests staying on the 11th and 12th floors.
In the corner, kids can enjoy picture books, blocks, and TV on soft floor poufs.

Baby Lounge

In an effort to provide the utmost safety and security to our guests with babies, the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel offers a dedicated, clean nursing room.
The room is equipped with baby changing tables, separate nursing compartments with couches,
microwave ovens to warm milk, a sink,
receptacles for used diapers, and a waiting space where accompanying persons can wait.

Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


The 24-hour laundromat on the second floor of our Oasis Building means you can wash dirty clothes any time.

Washers: 300JPY / 30 mins.
*Additional 100JPY is required for laundry detergent.

Dryers: 100JPY / 15 mins.

Kids Buffet at Grand Café

In Grand Café, our buffet dining venue, we offer a low buffet table dedicated to kids to make it easy for them to serve themselves.

Drugstore TAC

The drugstore located on the second floor of the main building carries baby supplies,
including about 20 types of baby food, diapers, snacks, baby formula, water, tea, vegetable juice, and baby lotion.

8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
*The hours of operation are subject to change depending on the season.

Elderly Guests
Guests with disabilities

We offer a limousine bus service between airports and the hotel and a shuttle bus service from the nearest station to the hotel to ensure easy access
for all guests regardless of the means of transportation they use.

Location of Elevators and Barrier-Free Restrooms in the Hotel

Barrier-Free Access

  • Wheelchair-accessible buses are available from Maihama Station and Bayside Station

  • There are parking spaces dedicated to people with disabilities.
    *Advance notice required

  • Barrier-free walkways are provided to facilitate smooth movement from the parking lot to the main building.

Accessible Rooms

Accessible rooms are located near the elevators. All accessible rooms are equipped with a sliding door to the bathroom, a bathtub and a toilette with safety bars, an emergency phone in the bathroom, and a low bed for easy movement from a wheelchair to the bed.

Dog-friendly Hotel

Dog Lovers' Suites at Tokyo Bay
Enjoy your stay with your beloved dog at Sheraton Resort.

Ample Dog Amenities

We provide a variety of dog amenities to ensure a comfortable stay for your dog: Dog beds and mats, food bowls, dog pads and trays, trashcans, an air freshener, an adhesive cleaning roller, and an air cleaner.

A lead hook is provided at each guest room entrance.

A lead hook is installed at each guest room entrance to ensure smooth coming and going for you and your dog.

In-Room Dining Menu for Dogs

The in-room dining menu includes foods that dogs will be delighted to have, such as chicken burgers, salmon,
whole-wheat penne with brown seaweed (wakame) and Japanese mastered spinach, and birthday cake.

Ample Etiquette Services

We ask that your dog take advantage of the free etiquette service at the time of arrival or before entering a guest room (butt cleaning, nail cutting, ear cleaning, and brushing).
We also offer shampoo and haircut services (for a fee).

Dog Lounge and Check-in to Park Wing Dog-Friendly Room.

We offer a variety of treats and clothes for dogs in the dog lounge located at the dog check-in counter.

Temporary Dog Care Service

We have a "dog cabin" service where you can leave your dog for a short time while you go out (for a fee).
Guests other than hotel guests can also use the service.

Business Guests

We support our business guests by providing a good Internet environment, printers, and computers.

Business Center

Business Center on the second floor of the main building is equipped with large desks, couches, PCs, and printers.

The Club Lounge also supports the business of our guests.

The Club Lounge on the 12th floor of the main building provides PCs and printers to ensure that our guests can work efficiently in a serene environment.

Free Internet in all buildings

SSID: Sheraton

Color Copy Service

Upon request, we make color copies for you at the front counter.
*This is a paid service. For details, please contact our staff at the front desk.

Good Access to Downtown Area

Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel
Address: 1-9 Maihama, Urayasu-shi, Chiba 279-0031 Japan
Phone: +81-47-355-5555

Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel

1-9 Maihama, Urayasu-shi, Chiba 279-0031 Japan
Phone: +81-47-355-5555