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The Hotel’s website and the related links included on this website provide information about products and services intended for consumers or information about the hotels, resorts, and other short-term stay facilities (hereinafter referred to as the “Starwood Group Hotels”) that are owned, managed, or franchised by Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. (a subsidiary of Marriott International, Inc.), which is operated by numerous hotel brands, and its subsidiaries and affiliates (hereinafter referred to as “Starwood”) and SPG-affiliated hotels and other matters related to travel. This site and the services of each component portion are provided exclusively by Starwood and various third-party providers and agencies.

About recommended browsers

We recommend the browsers below so that you can enjoy satisfactory use of this site. However, on some browsers or depending on your use environment, there may be cases in which some of the services provided on this site cannot be used or a different design may be displayed. We recommend that you access this site on a new browser if possible.

About JavaScript and style sheets

This website uses JavaScript and style sheets in order to have users enjoy more convenient and satisfactory use. If the browser settings that you use do not have JavaScript and style sheets turned on (valid), there may be cases in which they do not function correctly or are not displayed correctly. Because JavaScript is invalid in relation to some other companies and some terminals that are handled by other companies, there may be cases in which a problem occurs for navigation or content. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

About plug-ins

On the Hotel’s website, some information is provided in the form of a PDF (Portable Document Format) file. Adobe Reader is required for accessing PDF files.

About cookies

On some pages of the Hotel’s website, a technology referred to as “cookies” is used. Cookies are functions that temporarily save data on the computer or smartphone that is used, they are used for the purpose of providing better service on the reservation system, and they do not infringe customer privacy. It is also possible to stop the cookies function by changing the settings of the browser you use, but there is a chance that you will be unable to use some services.

Matters related to copyrights and links

Documents, photographs, and illustrations (hereinafter expressed as the “Content”) on this site are protected under the copyrights possessed by the Company and its affiliated companies (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Company”) and third parties. In addition, the Company will not bear any liability whatsoever in relation to the Content on other sites to which links are made on this site.

About links on the Hotel’s website

If you will attach a website link for Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel, please make the link to the top page「」 and inform the manager (by using the information for making inquiries). When you do so, we will ask you questions related to the things below.

・The URL for the website on which the link will be set
・The individual name of the website’s manager, and the company’s name and contact information
・The purpose of the link, etc.

In addition, our company will not bear liability for any damage that may arise from the use of links to the Hotel’s website.

Prohibition of unauthorized posting

Unauthorized posting of content related to this website in media, such as newspapers, magazines, and e-mail magazines, is prohibited.

Regulations for using the accommodation reservation system

We have established the regulations for use that are stated below for customers’ use of the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel’s accommodation reservation system (hereinafter referred to as the “System”), which is operated by Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel. We ask that you please use it after agreeing to these regulations. In addition, only customers who have agreed to these regulations can use the System. Furthermore, when you use the System and procedures for a reservation have been completed, it will be deemed that you agreed to these regulations, and we will have you comply with these regulations.

・A reservation will be established when a page with information about completion of the reservation on the Hotel’s website is displayed on the customer’s screen.
・When a customer uses a room and hotel facilities after a reservation has been established, we will have the customer comply with the accommodation rules and regulations for use that are separately stipulated by the Hotel.
・We firmly refuse reservation arrangement agency for fees or use of the System for the purpose of profit.
・The System is intended for people who have made the appropriate settings for characters (indicated in Japanese), e-mail, and printers. The Hotel will not bear any liability whatsoever in relation to the results of actions by people who do not fulfill this condition or for the effects caused by the results of such actions.
・When making a reservation, please follow the instructions and accurately enter all of the necessary personal data in the reservation application form. If something is incomplete for entry of personal data on the reservation application form, that reservation may become invalid.
・When using the System, customers will bear liability for their actions, all actions that were conducted by using customer e-mail accounts, and the results of such actions, irrespective of whether or not they were actions conducted by the customer, and irrespective of whether or not there was negligence.
・In the event that any of the items below applies, the Hotel may temporarily discontinue use of the System without advance notification to or consent from customers.
 1.A case in which the System’s maintenance or updating will be conducted
 2.A case in which there is a risk of occurrence of a natural disaster, incident, or other state of emergency, and hotel operation has become difficult
 3.A case in which it has been judged that temporary discontinuation of use of the System is necessary
・The Hotel can revise or change these regulations based on the social or economic situation or various circumstances.


We take the utmost care in providing the information that is posted on the Hotel’s website, but we do not offer any guarantees whatsoever concerning the accuracy or safety of content related to such information (including the fact that bugs or errors will not occur, the fact that individual functions will operate normally, and the fact that there are no computer viruses or other harmful programs). In addition, we will not bear liability for damage that may arise from the use of the Hotel’s website.

Governing laws and court of jurisdiction

Unless there are other stipulations, interpretations and applications for the use of the Hotel’s website and special agreement provisions related to use will comply with the laws of Japan.

January 25, 2018
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